24 Aug

OneDrive for Business just got better

A year has passed since the OneDrive for Business integration within the Outlook Web App for Office 365 users was released. It enabled us to send OneDrive for Business files, set edit and view permissions using the simple menu bar. Such a solution made it easy to share cloud without having to leave the inbox. And this spring we were introduced to some improvements to this integration, that are supposed to make sharing and saving files to OneDrive for Business even easier.

So now we can save attachments that were received in our inbox directly to our OneDrive for Business folder. Thanks to this we can have an easy access to those files from anywhere we are. And what’s more we are able to collaborate with others in our community on these files in Office or Office Online without even having to keep track of multiple versions. You know how crucial that is, especially when you run home office and need to be in constant touch with others in your organization to edit changes or when you have a demanding customer who is located quite far from your premises.

And did I mention how simple that solution is? When you receive an e-mail with attachment just open the drop-down menu on the attachment and click Save to OneDrive or Save all to OneDrive, all chosen files are then being saved in OneDrive for Business folder called Email attachments. Now you can move them to any other folder or send as a cloud attachment.

There is yet another cool feature I want to mention. We all know how tedious and sometimes fallible sending large attachments can get. Such files usually take a long time to send and often bounce back. Now the Outlook Web App automatically notifies us when the attachment we are trying to send is over the message size limit. In such a case the option Send as attachment is greyed out and there is only an option to upload file to OneDrive for Business. This solution saves us a lot of valuable time and enhances our customers / partners satisfaction. And we all know how important that is, don’t we? The Outlook Web App will soon support uploading files up to 2GB directly to OneDrive for Business.

This update applies to Office 365 commercial, government and academic customers using the Outlook Web App and OneDrive for Business but these features are not supported in the Outlook desktop client.

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