21 Mar

New Office 365 admin center

On Friday, March 18th 2016 Microsoft announced the rollout of its new Office 365 admin center which makes managing O365 faster, easier and more efficient. We all have noticed that over last few years office 365 has been evolving rapidly. It of course has been to our great advantage: increasing number of features and functionalities made available to us on almost daily basis is something we simply must appreciate. But on the other hand the more options you have at hand, the more confusing it can get to stay informed.


Microsoft introduced the first preview of the new admin center in September, 2015 asking its customers for feedback. What we are getting now is the result of massive customer feedback and insights that have influenced the changes. According to Erin Michaels, Distribution Development Manager-Midwest at Microsoft Corporation, the new admin center includes some significant enhancements:

Simplification and discoverability— with the new admin center managing Office 365 is quick and efficient because it is showing frequent tasks directly on your dashboard. For many tasks there’s even no need to leave the dashboard as all is there at our fingertips.

Search— a new search bar has been added at the top of the admin center to help quickly find the required feature.  For now we can search for users and groups to look up details and make edits, but in the near future search possibilities will be extended.

Reporting— some users already have access to a variety of new reports that provide consistent insights across all workloads and deliver details down to the individual user level. Currently available reports include active Office 365 users, email traffic and Office activations, but this offer will be expanded in the coming months, adding for example reports for OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer and Skype for Business activity.

This is now, but let’s see what else future holds for us:

Customization— soon it’ll be possible to customize both the dashboard as well as other areas of the admin center in a way that fits our specific needs.

Contextual help and detailed explanations of functionality will be available right next to the task, helping us to quickly change settings and use the admin center more efficiently.

Microsoft encourages us to send them feedback. So let’s keep them busy 🙂 we are already testing the new admin center and will certainly be sending our conclusions. After all, the better they are prepared, the easier our work will be.

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