30 Jun

New in Office 365 security and compliance—June update

Recent Microsoft updates for security and compliance include enhancements to Advanced Threat Protection, eDiscovery, Advanced Data Governance, Advanced Security Management and expanded support for Windows Information Protection. Read on to learn more about these updates.

Office 365 Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) were designed to keep your organization protected against cyber-attacks while supporting end-user productivity. The Office 365 team continues to enhance both EOP and ATP by offering deeper insights and more flexible controls. This month, they are introducing the following new capabilities:

  • Threat Protection status report—New reporting for ATP and EOP that adds visibility into malicious emails detected and blocked for your organization. This supplements the recently introduced reports in the Security & Compliance Center for ATP Safe Attachments.
  • Enhanced quarantine capabilities—Now all emails classified as malware from both EOP and ATP are quarantined. This builds upon the existing quarantine experience by allowing administrators to review and delete emails from quarantine.

Additional details on these new features can be found in the Microsoft Tech Community, as well as on the EOP and ATP product pages. EOP is offered across the enterprise E1, E3 and E5 suites. ATP is offered as both a standalone SKU or as part of E5.

Furthermore, Microsoft has recently released several new eDiscovery and Data Governance features in Office 365 in order to help you meet legal, business and regulatory compliance requirements. These features include:

  • Optical character recognition in Advanced eDiscovery—Extracts text from image files or objects within the files, significantly reducing the amount of manual remediation work required to analyze image files.
  • Rights management (RMS) decryptionin Office 365 eDiscovery—Automatically decrypts RMS-encrypted email messages at export time when you choose the MSG Export option.
  • Unified case management—Provides a consistent user interface spanning the eDiscovery capabilities in Office 365, from core to advanced, which helps to reduce potential human errors by streamlining eDiscovery case definition and eliminating several steps in the process.

Many organizations have the need to perform supervision of employee communications. This need stems from internal security and compliance guidelines, or from regulatory bodies such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). In both cases, failure to have a demonstrable supervision process in place could potentially expose organizations to liability or severe penalties. To address this need, Microsoft has released the new Supervision feature in Office 365 Advanced Data Governance. Supervision covers not only email communications, but also third-party communications streams, such as Facebook, Twitter, Bloomberg and many more. Supervision is part of Office 365 Advanced Data Governance, which is available as part of Office 365 E5 or the Office 365 Advanced Compliance SKU.


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22 Jun

New PowerPoint and Word Viewers

Last week Microsoft announced a new, streamlined web experience for instantly viewing Word and PowerPoint files in One Drive and SharePoint Document Libraries. The PowerPoint and Word Viewers are new Office 365 features and you’ll begin seeing these new features in the coming days. You’ll notice the following with the viewers:

  • they load instantly, in line with your files, just like you’re used to with popular file formats like PDF, photos, and videos;
  • as much clutter on the screen as possible has been reduced so that you can focus on reading the content;
  • you still have access to the same capabilities you use in OneDrive and SharePoint – including editing the document in your browser or Word and PowerPoint clients;
  • you can share, rename, download or see file information (using the details pane of the file you’re viewing);
  • company Shareable Links for Word and PowerPoint files are now part of this experience;
  • the viewing canvas is getting a fresher look and feel with lighter colors and more purposeful spacing that helps you focus on the content – aligning more to other Office 365 experiences.

These features will be gradually rolling out in the following days, and the roll-out will be completed by the end of July. The best part is that you don’t need to do anything to prepare for this change, but you may consider updating your user training, and notifying your help-desk.

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12 Jun

Introducing Groups in Outlook for Mac, iOS and Android

More than 10 million people rely on Groups in Outlook every month to work together and get things done. Groups in Outlook has been proved useful as it offers huge improvements over traditional distribution lists, with a shared space for group conversations, calendars, files and notebooks, the convenience of self-service membership and much more.

In April, 2017 Microsoft launched Groups in Outlook for Mac, iOS and Android. Since Groups is already available in Outlook for Windows and on the web, now you can access your group conversations and content no matter which platform you use.

With these updates, you can:

  • View your group list.
  • Read and reply to group conversations.
  • Add group events to your personal calendar.
  • View unread messages sent to the group.
  • View group details within the group card (Outlook for iOS and Android only).

In addition to bringing groups to more Outlook apps, Microsoft has released several new features for Groups in Outlook on other platforms:

  • Give guest access—Last fall, Outlook on the web was updated to give customers the ability to set up guest accessfor people outside their organization, set group classification as defined by Office 365 admins, and view usage guidelines. Now, these same capabilities are available in Outlook for Windows.
  • Invite people to join—in order to simplify inviting multiple people to join a group, Microsoft released the Invite to joinfeature to Outlook on the web, which lets customers create invitation links and share them with others via email or other channels, giving them a quick way to join the group.
  • Multi-delete conversations—Group owners can now multi-select conversations and delete them from the group conversations space in Outlook for Windows.
  • Send email as a group—Office 365 admins can grant send-as and send-on-behalf-of permissionsto members of a group using the Exchange admin center. Group members who have these permissions can then send emails as the group, or on behalf of the group, from Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the web.


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05 Jun

Company outing – it’s good to have fun together

We believe that hard work and dedication are crucial in providing services to our customers. But we also believe that having fun as a team is important for building team spirit. We surely make a great team and we hope we can only get better and stronger as a company going forward. Last Saturday we visited iFLY Rosemont to make our dream of flying become a reality. Now we are going to take care of other dreams we have, because sky is the limit…


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