05 Oct

It’s good to work with people you like spending time with, isnt’t it?

We are a Team of professionals, dedicated to working hard to meet our Customers’ needs. We devote our working days to provide high quality services,  often operating under huge stress and that, as you can imagine, requires a solid dose of concentration. That’s why in order to stay motivated and ready to solve problems that might arise, we try to spend some time away from our desks and bond as a Team. Every once in a while we have a company outing, when we can just hang out and have some fun together. We strongly believe that the better team we are, the better service we provide. So, last week we decided to play some golf together at the Topgolf Naperville. This place offers great infrastructure and is suitable even for really unexperienced players. And we admit some of us are quite new to this sport, making this a funny experience.  Unfortunately, not all Team members were able to participate, but still it was an amazing opportunity to bond and to forget about software, databases and cybercrime. Take a look at some of the pictures taken to see us in action.





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