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07 Nov

Microsoft Search – new feature that makes your search and work more efficient

Personalized search across Office 365, a way to bring intelligent search and discovery experiences directly to users, was introduced by Microsoft at Ignite in 2017. And in September 2018, company announced that they were expanding that vision to encompass search both inside and outside of Microsoft 365. By applying artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Bing to the deep personalized insights surfaced by the Microsoft Graph, the search in your organization can become even more effective.

With Microsoft Search, new organizational search experiences are being introduced into the apps you use every day, including Bing.com and Windows.

Microsoft believes that the meaning of “search” needs to be upgraded, as getting pages of results with hyperlinks to other information is simply not enough. Faced with ever decreasing attention spans, and an enormous explosion of data, they recognize that the challenge is to find and deliver answers to the questions you have, suggest insights, and enable you to take action on your tasks. This makes search a powerful capability that stretches across your work to make you more productive and take advantage of the collective knowledge from your organization.

In their own words their vision “is a cohesive and coherent search capability, prominent in every experience, providing the way to search across all your organization’s data—both inside and outside of Microsoft 3650.”

Read more here: https://tinyurl.com/ydf3kawe


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