The server closet…what is that mess of blinking boxes and wires? Are you using all of that stuff? I can guarantee you paid for it and may still be paying for it. But is all of it actually being utilized in your environment?

Imagine a world, a world without a server closet. A world without dusty expensive hardware. A world where hardware and software is available when you need it, virtual and accessible. A world of infrastructure serenity where all your needs are handled from one easy to use web page dashboard that you can access from anywhere at any time.

Computing power when you need it. IT infrastructure on the fly. Pay for what you use when you use it. If only that world existed…

With Microsoft Cloud Services and Azure, it does.

With Microsoft Cloud Services, fiction has become reality. The enormity of the transformation that has occurred with Microsoft Cloud Services is monumental. We are right now in the midst of an infrastructure revolution, a revolution in how small business handles their infrastructure needs. Close the door on your server room for good with Microsoft Cloud Services and Azure.

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Network IT Easy, Inc and Azure – get out of the closet

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