Backup, Protection, and Recovery

60% of businesses will go out of business within six months of a data disaster. Protecting your data is everything.

Backup, Protection, and Recovery

In today’s business environment, threats to your data network come from four primary sources; human error, equipment failure, malicious threats (such as ransomware) and natural disaster.  Regardless of the source, any of these causes could be catastrophic without the tools and plan in place to recover from them.

With one solution, and for one low monthly cost, Network It Easy can address all of these potential issues and provide your organization with the capability to protect your data and systems, create redundant copies of your critical information and recover everything from a single file to your entire data network.

By 2020 the world will need to defend 50 times more data than it does today.  If you are concerned about having the necessary back-up, protection and recovery tools in place, contact us for a complimentary evaluation and recommendation.

Let us take this critical IT function off your plate so you can focus on the business activities that you excel at.

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