19 Nov
07 Nov

Microsoft Search – new feature that makes your search and work more efficient

Personalized search across Office 365, a way to bring intelligent search and discovery experiences directly to users, was introduced by Microsoft at Ignite in 2017. And in September 2018, company announced that they were expanding that vision to encompass search both inside and outside of Microsoft 365. By applying artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Bing to the deep personalized insights surfaced by the Microsoft Graph, the search in your organization can become even more effective.

With Microsoft Search, new organizational search experiences are being introduced into the apps you use every day, including Bing.com and Windows.

Microsoft believes that the meaning of “search” needs to be upgraded, as getting pages of results with hyperlinks to other information is simply not enough. Faced with ever decreasing attention spans, and an enormous explosion of data, they recognize that the challenge is to find and deliver answers to the questions you have, suggest insights, and enable you to take action on your tasks. This makes search a powerful capability that stretches across your work to make you more productive and take advantage of the collective knowledge from your organization.

In their own words their vision “is a cohesive and coherent search capability, prominent in every experience, providing the way to search across all your organization’s data—both inside and outside of Microsoft 3650.”

Read more here: https://tinyurl.com/ydf3kawe


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05 Oct

It’s good to work with people you like spending time with, isnt’t it?

We are a Team of professionals, dedicated to working hard to meet our Customers’ needs. We devote our working days to provide high quality services,  often operating under huge stress and that, as you can imagine, requires a solid dose of concentration. That’s why in order to stay motivated and ready to solve problems that might arise, we try to spend some time away from our desks and bond as a Team. Every once in a while we have a company outing, when we can just hang out and have some fun together. We strongly believe that the better team we are, the better service we provide. So, last week we decided to play some golf together at the Topgolf Naperville. This place offers great infrastructure and is suitable even for really unexperienced players. And we admit some of us are quite new to this sport, making this a funny experience.  Unfortunately, not all Team members were able to participate, but still it was an amazing opportunity to bond and to forget about software, databases and cybercrime. Take a look at some of the pictures taken to see us in action.





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31 Jul

NIE Achieves Blue Partner Status with Datto

Network It Easy, Inc. Achieves Blue Partner Status with Datto

Lisle, Illinois July 31, 2018 – Network It Easy, Inc. (NIE) today announced it has achieved exclusive Blue partner status with Datto, the world’s leading provider of IT solutions delivered through managed service providers (MSPs). Datto Blue status represents the top 5 percent of the company’s partners, worldwide.

Datto develops business continuity solutions that secure business data for over 100,000 companies around the world. Its suite of services includes backup and disaster recovery (“BDR”), cloud-to-cloud backup services for SaaS applications and network continuity services.

A Datto Partner since 2015, NIE has successfully deployed hundreds of Datto solutions for small and medium sized organizations, helping them secure the critical data they need to successfully run their operation.  “As an Adaptive Managed Service Provider, NIE strives to source and provide the best of breed technology solutions for our customers”, said Witold Stanislawski, company President.  “Our experience has shown the Datto solutions to be the most cost effective and reliable backup, disaster recovery and business continuity products available for small and medium sized organizations”.

“It is our understanding that NIE is the only Datto partner in the Chicago area to attain this status”, continued Stanislawski.

 “We are thrilled to recognize Network It Easy, Inc. as a Blue Partner,” said Rob Rae, vice president of business development, Datto. “We are committed to providing NIE and all of our partners with the necessary capabilities to develop deep relationships with their customers and keep growing their brands and businesses. We look forward to more success from NIE, as we continue to roll out new partner services.”

About Network It Easy, Inc.
Network It Easy helps small and medium sized organizations focus on making those organizations successful by providing a cost-effective combination of outsourced technical support and IT Technologies tailored to their size. Combining superior customer service with highly advanced and automated technology tools, NIE supports hundreds of organizations while providing products from industry leading manufacturers including Datto.

About Datto
At Datto, our mission is to empower the world’s small and medium sized businesses with the best in enterprise-level technology. We do it by equipping our unique community of Managed Service Provider partners with the right products, tools and knowledge to allow each and every customer to succeed. It’s an approach that’s made us the world’s leading provider of MSP delivered IT solutions. Datto is headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., with offices worldwide.

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13 Jul
03 Jul
29 Mar
16 Mar

5 Compelling Reasons to Replace Your IT Tape Backup

By Ray Miner, Technology Solutions Adviser


Is your business still relying on an outdated tape backup solution to recover files in an emergency?  Below are 5 compelling reasons to consider upgrading to the current technologies and achieve full Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BDR) capabilities as a protection against a catastrophic server failure.

Recovery Time: Tape backups only store a copy of your files. If your server fails and requires replacement, the new server must be replaced and manually configured from scratch.  This process takes days. 

Current technologies can store a complete image of your server configuration in addition to your files.  If your server fails, the entire server configuration and your files can be restored from the back-up.  This process takes minutes.

Combined On-site and Cloud Backup: Users of tape backups must live and die with the tape that files have been stored on.  In most cases, there is no way to verify that all files have been saved or whether the tape works at all.

Current technologies can store a copy (including the image referenced above) of the backup on what amounts to a mini PC on-site.  The data is then replicated and on a scheduled basis, the copy is automatically and securely transmitted and stored to “The Cloud”.

Hybrid Virtualization Technology: Tape backup units have zero capability to function until the server has been replaced.

In the event of a catastrophic failure, current technologies include the capability to “virtualize” and run a protected server either through the on-site storage device or remotely, in the cloud until a permanent replacement server is obtained.

Security: Tape backups provide no security capabilities.  If a tape is lost or stolen, the person that takes possession of the tape can access the files and have complete access to all of the data on it.

Current technologies include encryption of files on the storage device, encryption while in transit to the cloud and encryption in the cloud

Amazingly Inexpensive Pricing: While tape backups cost virtually nothing, their value in a catastrophic failure is also virtually nothing.

Current technologies, which deliver all of the benefits listed plus many more, are available for a relatively low monthly fee.  Some providers also include the cost of the unit, upgrades/replacements and monthly support in this fee.

In today’s competitive business environment, virtually every type of business is heavily reliant on its data infrastructure and continuous access to the data on it.  That information drives everything from sales through shipping and everything in between.  Many businesses simply cannot afford to be out of service for days.

Can your business afford to be out of service for days?


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28 Feb

Network IT Easy Named to CRN MSP 500/Pioneer 250 List

Network IT Easy (NIE) is pleased to announce that it has been named to the CRN®, (a brand of The Channel Company) 2018 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category. This annual list recognizes North American solution providers with cutting-edge approaches to delivering managed services.  The list is divided into three categories. The MSP Pioneer 250 category recognizes companies with business models weighted toward managed services and largely focused on the SMB market.

“We are honored to be named to this prestigious list of outstanding IT Managed Service Providers for 2018 and especially to be one of the few to receive the reward from the Chicago area. Network IT Easy is continuously looking at ways to adapt and improve the types of services we provide to our SMB customers.  Receipt of this award from CRN recognizes and endorses that approach,” said NIE President Witold Stanislawski.


The Channel Company, LLC. CRN is a registered trademark of The Channel Company, LLC. All rights reserved.



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09 Feb
05 Feb

Network IT Easy Named Allworx Silver Partner

Network IT Easy (NIE), an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Lisle, Illinois, is proud to announce it has been awarded Silver Partner status in the Allworx APEX partner program.  Wildly successfully at fighting the trend toward hosted telephony, Allworx provides premise based VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone systems designed for Small-and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs).

About Network IT Easy

Network IT Easy helps Chicago area small and medium sized companies (SMB) focus on their business and gain a competitive advantage by providing a cost-effective combination of IT technologies and outsourced technical support tailored to the SMB community.  Combining superior customer service with highly advanced and automated technology tools, NIE supports hundreds of SMB companies while providing products from industry leading manufacturers including Allworx.

For more information on our services, or to check out our recent blog post on a creative (i.e. no out of pocket expense) way to fund your new telephone system, visit our website at https://networkiteasy.com.

About Allworx

Allworx provides a complete portfolio of VoIP telephone systems, IP phones, network switches and advanced software options to help SMBs create solutions tailored to meet their unique needs. The company has deployed more than 40,000 VoIP systems and more than 600,000 IP phones across more than 25,000 business customers to date. These systems provide cost-effective, innovative voice communication features that enhance the user experience at their desks, on their mobile devices and on their PCs.

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02 Feb

Replace Your Old Nortel Phone System – UPDATE and Positive News

By Ray Miner, Technology Solutions Adviser

Update:  As a follow-up to our original post on a creative way to fund the replacement of your old phone system by upgrading your telephone service and internet access with less expensive and more capable service.  I am happy to report that we found $746 PER MONTH in savings at the first company that took us up on our offer of a free analysis.  More than enough to fund a new phone system…

Although it may sound too good to be true, companies with older Nortel phone systems can get a state of the art VoIP (Voice over IP) solution and pay for all or most of it using the savings realized from updating their telephone and internet access service.  During the course of our analysis, we also find that companies are paying significant sums of money for services they either no longer need or no longer use.

If you still have an old Nortel system, you haven’t been able to upgrade your phone service to a relatively new technology called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

Your old Nortel system couldn’t use SIP technology.

Instead of using separate, dedicated lines like you used to get from “The Phone Company”, SIP comes in over your existing internet access circuit. And it costs a fraction of what you are currently paying for your current phone service.

Even “new” phone service from companies like Comcast, uses old technology and costs significantly more.


Lease a new premise-based system or pay for a cloud hosted solution, on a monthly basis, and fund it out of the savings on your new SIP phone service.  Contact us for a complimentary analysis of your current phone service.

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25 Jan

Attention Office 365 Users: Protect Your Email from this New Hacker Tactic

By Witold Stanislawski and Ray Miner, Technology Solutions Advisors. 

Continuous access to e-mail communications is at the core of every Small and Medium Sized Business (#SMB) today. There is an emerging vulnerability, which could allow a hacker to encrypt your email system data within seconds and make all your information inaccessible.

If successful, these hackers could:

  • Demand a ransom to unlock the access to your email.  Companies are paying $100,000+ in many cases.
  • Block users from accessing email for hours until the ransom is paid .
  • Delete all email messages whether the ransom is paid or not.  They can’t be trusted….
  • Bankrupt your company.

How do you avoid and/or mitigate the impact of this attack?  Network It Easy, Inc. recommends:

  1. Disable a capability within O365 that allows “Integrated Apps”. “Integrated Apps” allows a third-party applications to read user profile details, edit or delete their files, read items contained in the collections and send email as that user.  In essence it gives those applications control of your email.
  2. Enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for all your mailboxes which requires the entry of an automatically generated, temporary and unique verification code that is sent to a separate device like a cell phone.  MFA is included with Office 365 but not enabled. It must be enabled and configured.
  3. Sign up for a cloud mailbox backup (Office 365 does not provide a mailbox backup). This backup will allow you to restore the mailbox data and go back as far as your backup retention policy allows for, even if the e-mails get encrypted.  This will allow you to NOT pay ransom.
  4. Engage with a Managed Services and Security Provider (MSSP) like Network It Easy, Inc. and get all the above plus pro-active security and vulnerability scanning and training as a monthly subscription.

For additional information, contact us at (630) 435-4000.

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23 Jan

Network IT Easy Becomes Partner of Illinois Manufacturer’s Association

Network IT Easy is pleased to announce it is now a B2B Partner of the Illinois Manufacturer’s Association (IMA).

About Network IT Easy

Network IT Easy helps small and medium sized (SMB) manufacturers focus on their business and gain a competitive advantage by providing a cost effective combination of IT technologies and outsourced technical support tailored to their business.  We take complete responsibility for every facet of the IT infrastructure including 24X7 monitoring, security protection, proactive Microsoft patching, remote and on-site technical support, data back-up/disaster recovery and ongoing technology planning.

About the IMA

The IMA is the oldest and largest state manufacturing association in the United States. Founded in Chicago in 1893, the IMA represents nearly 4,000 companies and plants that operate in Illinois. IMA support includes lobbying, informative seminars and training, continuing education courses, and a number of affinity programs designed to help your company grow and prosper.



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09 Jan

Replace Your Old Nortel Phone System at No Cost

By Ray Miner, Technology Solutions Adviser

Although it may sound too good to be true, companies with older Nortel phone systems can get a state of the art VoIP (Voice over IP) solution and pay for it using the savings realized from updating their telephone and internet access service.  If you still have an old Nortel system, you haven’t been able to upgrade your phone service to a relatively new technology called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

Your old Nortel system couldn’t use SIP technology.

Instead of using separate, dedicated lines like you used to get from “The Phone Company”, SIP comes in over your existing internet access circuit. And it costs a fraction of what you are currently paying for your current phone service.

Even “new” phone service from companies like Comcast, uses old technology and costs significantly more.


Lease a new premise-based system or pay for a cloud hosted solution, on a monthly basis, and fund it out of the savings on your new SIP phone service.  Contact us for a complimentary analysis of your current phone service.

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21 Dec
14 Jul

New business apps in Office 365 Business Premium help you run and grow your small business

To make Office 365 more valuable for small business, Microsoft is announcing three new applications coming to Office 365 Business Premium:

  • Microsoft Connections—A simple-to-use email marketing service.
  • Microsoft Listings—An easy way to publish your business information on top sites.
  • Microsoft Invoicing—A new way to create professional invoices and get paid fast.

They’re also introducing the Office 365 Business center, a central place where you can manage these business apps and get an end-to-end view of your business. In addition, they’re adding MileIQ, the leading mileage tracking app, as an Office 365 Business Premium subscription benefit. These new services—along with the recently added Microsoft Bookings and Outlook Customer Manager—help you win customers and manage your business. Let’s take a closer look at each of these products.

Microsoft Connections—Email marketing can accelerate sales, but getting started can be overwhelming. With Microsoft Connections, you can easily create professional-looking email marketing campaigns with pre-designed templates for newsletters, announcements or customer referrals. You can also provide simple ways for people to join your mailing list or unsubscribe. As your mailing list grows, you can manage your subscribers by creating segments to efficiently target specific groups of customers. Performance charts and subscriber activity updates track open rate, clicks, new sign-ups, new customers, offer redemptions and unsubscribed numbers for each email campaign, so you can see what is and is not working. Microsoft Connections is available on the web, and on mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Microsoft Listings—Getting your business listed online is a great way to be discovered by prospective customers, but it can be time consuming to set up your online presence, keep information like business hours up-to-date and monitor performance across sites. Microsoft Listings makes it easy to publish and manage your business listing on Facebook, Google, Bing and Yelp.

Microsoft Listings includes a web dashboard that lets you easily monitor ratings and reviews. When you update your business profile in Microsoft Listings, the changes automatically populate across Facebook, Google and Bing. And what’s more, you can monitor online views and reviews of your listings across sites from a single dashboard. This makes it easier to understand feedback from your customers and strengthen your online reputation.

Microsoft Invoicing—Getting estimates and invoices out on time, tracking pending payments and processing payments quickly are critical to keep things running smoothly. But it can be tedious and confusing to keep track of information in different systems of record or even on paper. Microsoft Invoicing helps you quickly create professional-looking estimates and invoices, so you get paid quickly.

Microsoft Invoicing works with PayPal, so you can accept credit and debit cards online. A connector to QuickBooks lets you sync customer and catalogue data, and transfer invoicing information to your accountant.

The Office 365 Business center brings Bookings, Connections, Listings and Invoicing together in a central location—so you have easy access to your business apps and data. It features a unified dashboard where you can view key metrics from all the business apps, including total outstanding invoices, the number of appointments scheduled, the impressions across Facebook, Google, Bing and Yelp, and the number of new subscribers and sent campaigns.

The Business center includes an activity feed, so you can see the details of what’s happening within each of the apps—making it easy to keep up-to-date on new customer appointments, invoices and payments being created or updated by the employees in your business. The activity feed also provides suggestions on what actions to take next, such as alerting you that a payment is overdue and it’s time to resend an invoice.

Because the new business apps are built to work together, you don’t waste valuable time setting up connectors or transferring data manually. A contact in one business app is automatically recognized in another, so you don’t have to input data multiple times. As a business owner, you also have full control over who on your team gets access to which business apps and related information.

MileIQ—If you drive a personal car for work purposes such as customer sales visits, partner meetings or trade conferences, you know that tracking and reporting your miles for tax deduction or expense reimbursement can be a hassle. MileIQ offers a simple, smarter way to track your miles—with automatic drive detection and mileage logging, easy one-swipe classification as business or personal, and comprehensive reporting. You can log unlimited drives every month with the MileIQ Premium subscription that you get with Office 365 Business Premium.

Connections, Listings, Invoicing and the Business center are rolling out in preview over the next few weeks to Office 365 Business Premium subscribers in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, starting with those in the First Release program. MileIQ Premium is available to all Business Premium subscribers in the U.S, U.K. and Canada effective today.

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30 May

The Cloud: what do you get?

The cloud refers to using off site computing resources and storage to supplement or even replace the use of on-site/in-house resources. Instead of buying hardware and software to support your business, you are basically outsourcing this set of tasks.

Elasticity – With onsite computing, if you need additional capacity you have no choice but to purchase that capacity in discrete steps, which means bearing the costs of being over-capacity for a period of time until growth catches up. Onsite computing also means you must have the capacity to handle your own peak computing and storage demands, and resources may go underutilized much of the time. The cloud allows complete elasticity in the utilization of computing resources. You buy only what you need, as you need it. You can grow or downsize as the business demands.

Pay as you go – On-site hardware involves significant capital expenditures. The cloud allows you to pay for only what you use. The cloud also allows you to benefit from economies of scale that aren’t available using the in-house model. Labor, equipment and maintenance expenses are shared across a vast pool of users.

In the next few weeks, we’ll return to this subject to look at other ways the cloud brings efficiencies to your technology infrastructure that you could never achieve on your own.

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23 May

What the cloud means for you–Part II

Recently, we talked about ways the cloud brings value, business protection, and economies of scale to the smaller firm that they could never achieve by themselves. Today, we look at a final benefit of the cloud.

Protection against on-site disaster – If a disaster strikes your physical business location, on-site resources can be damaged, destroyed, or become inaccessible for a period of time. Even if it isn’t a major disaster, if you have a failed server your business could be down for an extended period. When everything occurs in the cloud, you are vaccinated against this type of business calamity. You can still access and use computing resources from anywhere.

In summary, left entirely on its own a small firm just does not have the resources and capital to fully support its own technology infrastructure. The cloud turns that upside down, enabling firms to enjoy the benefits of a fully supported tech foundation without levels of expenditures

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16 May

The Cloud means no more stormy weather

The Cloud means no more stormy weather?,

Many small firms are pretty busy handling their own business, and don’t give much thought to what they would do if a natural disaster from a bad snowstorm to much worse hit their physical location and cut power, or physical access to the building. What if the equipment storing all of your data and software needed to run day to day operations became inaccessible? What would happen to your ability to continue to serve your clients or customers?

Though we call it the cloud, with images of gray skies and rain, the cloud can be a ray of sunshine. It is an excellent and cost effective resource for smaller firms to make sure they maintain 24/7 access even in bad weather. Because everything is maintained off site, you can (1) bypass disruption or damage that may have occurred at your physical site, and (2) access what you need to keep your business functioning from any remote location.

Small firms need to realize they are most vulnerable to business disruptions, as they have less capital and fewer resources to carry them through a bad period. The cloud represents a simple and value driven resource to address business continuity issues that could turn a small firm’s business upside down.

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