Managed Services

Greater expertise, lower costs, higher service level.

Managed Services

Business owners and key internal IT staff really need to focus on revenue enhancing activities but mundane tasks of network operations and maintenance, repetitious monitoring of server and storage infrastructure, disaster recovery, virus and security protection, day-to-day operations and help desk duties must be done.

With the capabilities of data and voice technologies becoming increasingly critical to a business’ success  and the outside threats (hacking, ransomware, viruses, etc.) becoming more common every day, it is almost impossible for small and medium sized business owners to employ the necessary technical resources in-house and buy the required tools to stay current, avoid falling behind their competition and literally protect their businesses.

Let’s face it, no small or medium sized business can afford to fall behind with technology trends and security in today’s business world.

As your IT Managed Service Provider, Network It Easy will serve as your outsourced IT management and support team, provide all of these services and do it all for a single, agreed upon and low monthly rate.  We are completely confident that we can provide a measurable cost savings of between 30% and 50% through increased efficiency, lower personnel costs, improved and greater variety of expertise and better monitoring and management tools.

We take efficiency, speed and agility to the next level.  Contact us for a complimentary consultation and proposal.

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