What exactly is network security, and why is it crucial for your organization?

We all agree that we live in a high-paced IT environment, giving us more and more opportunities for development but also presenting us with more possible data breaches and cyberattacks than ever before. Not only are cyberattacks becoming more common these days, but they are also more severe, and their effects are harder to cure. If you are an SMB owner or manager, you have more than enough on your plate already; that is why it’s advisable to transfer some of your duties to a trustworthy IT Managed Services Provider. An experienced MSP hires a team of professionals who specialize in staying one step ahead of cybercriminals. They do their research, test\implement new solutions, keep an eye out for new threats, and take proper remediation steps when needed.

Network IT Easy is committed to providing the best security tools and services bundled as easy add-ons to any IT maintenance packages that we offer. We strongly believe in a layered security approach powered by cutting-edge solutions and techniques so you as a business owner\manager can focus on what’s important, running and growing your business.

Is Network Security Synonymous with Cyber Security?

You might be wondering what the term “network security” refers to. Is it just another term to describe cyber security? Not precisely, these terms are related, but they do differ to some extent. To put it simply, network security might be described as a subcategory of cyber security. Cyber security is basically the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks, whereas network security prevents unauthorized access to an organization’s computer networks. It involves the physical protection of servers and devices from external threats and taking precautions to secure the digital network.

Stay tuned, and next, we will explain the importance of network security and some of its common vulnerabilities!

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