The Importance of Network Security

As promised, we are now about to show you the importance of Network Security, which is the main factor in keeping your data safe and secure at all times. Network security encompasses various actions, tools, and procedures to maintain the integrity of your organization’s data. It envelops the basic practices such as creating strong passwords and double factor authentication as well as more complex solutions to keep your devices and employees safe.

Nowadays, businesses tend to store their sensitive information in the Cloud, thus making it vital to secure it from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks of various severity. There’s no doubt that network security will only gain in importance in time.

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Most common network security attacks

In recent years we have witnessed a massive change in the scale and frequency of cyber-attacks, which are becoming more frequent and extensive and, as such, more difficult to protect against. It is pretty apparent that these attacks will only become more aggressive and sophisticated; that’s why it is helpful to know some of the main types of network security threats:

Malware attacks – a malicious code inserts unauthorized software onto your devices; it can quickly spread through your organization’s network, making it hard to get rid of;
Data theft – unauthorized access is used to obtain private information from the network; stolen login credentials are used to read protected files or steal sensitive data;
Insider threat – occurs when employees use their legitimate access to obtain sensitive data and infiltrate an organization’s network;
Social engineering – attackers use deception to convince workers to give away private information, such as login credentials, or violate security protocols;
Ransomware attacks – ever-evolving form of malware designed to encrypt files on user’s devices until a ransom fee is paid.
These are, by far, only a few of the many ways cyber-attackers use to break into networks. Attackers relentlessly develop new, more creative methods; thus, you must pay attention to unusual activities or requests. Do not hesitate to request our assistance when you notice any suspicious activities. After all, it’s really better to be safe than sorry.

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