Cybercrimes are skyrocketing in the Chicago Area

The newest, most advanced technology is being used to exploit the vulnerabilities in your IT systems and it’s imperative that you have an efficient cyber security strategy for this reason!

Our local Chicago-based team of IT professionals will perform a scrutinous examination and evaluation of your organization’s IT infrastructure, applications, management policies, procedures, and operational processes against recognized standards. Our IT auditing services will evaluate if controls to protect IT assets ensure the integrity and are aligned with organizational goals and objectives.

Many businesses in the Chicago Area shy away from spending money on cyber security prevention but the real cost lies in doing nothing.
Consider the following statistics:

  • 33% of businesses have experienced a cybercrime
  • 50% of cybercrimes originate within the organization
  • Average days to resolve an external attack = 19
  • Average days to resolve an internal attack = 45
  • Average cost of a cybercrime attack = $206,323
  • 29% of attacks result in data loss
  • 25% of attacks result in revenue loss
  • 29% of attacks result in productivity loss

IT Security Audit - Chicago Based Business

What are the primary objectives of an IT audit?

When performing a thorough IT audit for our customers, we start with determining individual audit objectives, which always directly align with the organization’s business objectives. Most engagements focus on ensuring proper controls to mitigate various risks effectively. Our team makes sure that IT audit objectives are consistent with the organization’s objectives regarding:

  • Achievement of operational goals and objectives
  • Reliability and integrity of information
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Effective and efficient use of resources
  • Compliance with significant policies, procedures, laws, and regulations

What does the audit process look like?

Although every IT infrastructure audit is unique based on individual needs, the IT audit process usually consists of four stages:

  • Planning,
  • On-premises work,
  • Reporting,
  • Follow-up.

In order to run our Security Audits smoothly, we create a tailored audit checklist, making sure we tackle all areas. Each audit might result in diverting a certain amount of time from your usual operations; thus, it is crucial you and your staff engage in the entire process. Engagement, on both ends, minimizes the time necessary to perform a thorough audit and avoids disrupting ongoing activities.



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